Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Effective Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Small business owners and entrepreneurs get so little respect. Sure, politicians pander to us and some of my favorite magazines are devoted exclusively to our needs, But unless they’ve been through the small business fire themselves, few people really understand the pressures and pains that come part and parcel with small business ownership. Time management […]

How to Create a Privacy Policy for your Website

If you do any kind of business online, you need a privacy policy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sell anything but are primarily using your website to promote yourself as a thought leader in your field or to solicit speaking engagements. If you collect any information from your visitors — even if it’s just […]

WordPress Wednesday: Shareaholic

If you know me, you know I’m a WordPress fan. I love everything about them — the user-friendliness of the site, the bajillion options to customize your website without having to know a single bit of code, the free plugins, the SEO-friendly platform — seriously, what’s not to like? So I thought I’d start a […]

How Safe is Your Website?

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know what happened to it in May: we were hacked. We had to take down the entire website, and because of a family emergency, internal personnel changes, and a very busy client schedule, it stayed down for weeks. Weeks. Fortunately, we don’t sell anything on our […]

Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Sometimes Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that entrepreneurship can be a real bitch. Fun, yes, but really, really painful at times, too. Blue Volcano Media has gone through a whirlwind of changes the past few months — some good, some not so good, all eye-opening. We’ve grown faster than I ever imagined we would, brought on […]

Social Media Management Tools Review: HootSuite

Just a few years ago, you had a handful of choices when it came to really good, reliable, and stable social media management tools. The two best and most well-known were HootSuite and TweetDeck. I originally began using TweetDeck, enamored that I was in particular with the ability to view New Followers on the same […]

Twitter Champions Free Speech in Its First Transparency Report Release

Twitter’s executives proves once again that their users’ rights and needs trump all else, including the latter’s right to free speech, by releasing their first-ever Transparency Report just two days before Independence Day. Sure, Facebook gets all the media love nowadays, what with its much-anticipated IPO and explosive growth, but it hasn’t exactly been known […]

SEO for Blogging: What You Need to Know, Part 2

In my last post, I covered such scintillating SEO topics as alt-txt, meta data, and the importance of self-hosting your blog. All of these elements are fairly basic, and you may have already implemented them on your blog, but it never hurts to check your meta data and alt tags, for example, every now and […]

SEO for Blogging: What You Need to Know, Part 1

With all the hoopla surrounding social media, Facebook’s IPO, LinkedIn’s growth, and Pinterest’s phenomenal explosion as a social media force to be reckoned with, it’s easy to forget that the humble blog is still one of the best social media tools out there, particularly from an SEO perspective. It’s more than just the [very important!] […]

Is good writing required for successful social media?

No. Great writing? Absolutely. Duh.

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