Welcome to the new Blue Volcano Media!

Hard to believe, but we just celebrated our 3rd (!!!) anniversary on January 1st, 2013. I never would have imagined that BVM would last this long — not because I had no faith in myself or my business model or clients, but rather because, given the challenges of launching any business in any industry, especially as an independent entrepreneur bootstrapping the whole process, the odds are against lasting this long. I wasn’t quite sure what we would look like, or who would be with me, or what we would even be called (I sifted through a lot of ideas for company names before I launched, the first of which was Blue Volcano Solutions). So it’s quite gratifying to still be here, still standing, and still growing.

We went through a tough time in 2012, no doubt about it: a business partnership that officially, legally began on January 2, 2012, and which ended six months later, was the biggest challenge. But the good/bad thing about being an entrepreneur and founder of a startup is that you’re really only privileged with a 24-hr mourning period, and then you must pick yourself up, wipe away the tears, and move on. And that’s what we’re doing as we look forward to our 4th year in business: new beginnings, new challenges, new successes, new triumphs.

So we’ve started with our website.

Those of you who’ve been following us since the beginning know that we’ve had the same blog-focused design since Day One. It was relatively simple to create and even simpler to maintain. Since then, however, I’ve always been anxious to give it a big refresh and add a bit more flourish. It was clearly showing its age, and while there’s nothing like an “old, familiar friend,” it really needed to be brought into the 2010s. The problem was that we’d focused so much on serving our clients and nurturing our relationships with potential clients and friends, that we’d neglected to work on our own “storefront.” Not a bad thing, certainly — you should always prioritize your clients above all else. But just about every agency I’ve ever known has the same dilemma — how to maintain your own marketing presence when you’re so busy managing everyone else’s.

The new year and the relatively slow period over the holidays finally allowed us to do just that, and boy, I couldn’t be happier. The new site reflects our optimism and a better focus on providing exceptional value to our clients and fans, and we are committed to ensuring that it will continue to do that as 2013 unfolds. Please check back often for expert tips on social media, SEO and SEM, email marketing, and all other things digital marketing-related. Plus, you’ll always be “in-the-know” with some of the behind-the-scenes of running a fast-growing startup. And yes, in between the humdrum administration of running a business, there’s always something exciting to share. Always.


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About Marjorie Asturias

Marjorie R. Asturias is the president and CEO of Blue Volcano Media, a Dallas-based boutique digital marketing agency that focuses exclusively on helping small businesses build their brand online. When she's not absorbing everything she can about web marketing, SEO, social media, and content marketing, she can usually be found trying to rescue every stray dog on the planet; reading; watching old movies; and hanging out with her family. Which, yes, includes 4 rescue dogs. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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