We at Blue Volcano Media focus exclusively on helping our clients build their businesses using digital marketing, from SEO to social media, SEM to email marketing, and everything in between. We firmly believe that in order to get maximum results, a digital marketing campaign must be fully integrated. In other words, a website needs social media to extend its reach on the web as well as a robust SEO strategy to ensure that that website maintains its “stickiness” and generates a healthy lead pipeline.

You can achieve success on the web using just one tool, but it will likely be a long, hard and expensive slog. Time was when you could rely solely on Yellow Pages advertising to promote your business and leave it at that, but with audience fragmentation and increased competition — not to mention the fact that everyone uses Google and no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore to find the services and products they need — it’s imperative that businesses expand their marketing and sales strategies to include a portfolio of relevant online tools designed to build their brand and reach their prospects.

Blue Volcano Media’s dedicated team of experts are here to help them do just that. Check out our full suite of services below, then contact us to discuss your specific needs and request a free quote.



Your website is the hub of your entire digital presence. Forget social media, email marketing, Google AdSense ads, and all the other hot and trendy digital sites and gobbledy-gook. You must have a website if you want to take advantage of all the great tools out there to promote your company, your brand, and your products and services. Think of it like your home on the web. It’s your storefront, your HQ, the central repository where anything anyone wants to know about your company is housed. And because you own that piece of digital real estate, you can do what you want with it, regardless of any whimsical changes Facebook decides to implement.

We specialize in WordPress website development and maintenance, priced affordably for small and medium-size businesses who want to create a unique and user-friendly site for their companies. Click here to find out more about our website development and maintenance services.


You know you need to get the word out about your product or services to your customers on the Internet, but you don’t know how. Maybe you already have a blog and a Twitter account but haven’t updated either one since the iPhone’s initial launch. With hundreds of millions of blogs and websites on the Internet, you need to do a lot more to get your voice heard and your presence known. We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive online marketing campaign that includes everything from social media to blogging, email marketing to blogger PR. Click here to find out more about our website development and maintenance services.


How do you attract more visitors to your website? How do you convert those visitors into leads and paying customers? How do you significantly increase your website traffic without having to pay for expensive online ad campaigns? That’s what SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) campaigns do: they drive visitors to your site using organic (i.e., non-paid), white-hat (i.e., ethical) techniques that boost your search engine rankings and make you more visible to people doing searches for your product or service. While no one can guarantee you #1 ranking on any search engine, we can help you improve your current ranking and create highly targeted campaigns to entice qualified leads to visit your site. Want to know more? Contact us about our SEO services and how they can help you turn your website into a lead-generating machine.


Whether you need a brochure, a landing page, e-newsletter copy, website content, or advertorial, we can provide you with the brilliant, mind-catching and unforgettable content for it.

Okay, so we that may be an exaggeration, but not by much. Contact us to find out more about our copywriting and ghostwriting services. We offer competitively priced services, including customized or even all-inclusive packages to meet your content needs and your budget. Click here for more information about our content production and marketing services.


Have a blog but don’t have the time, inclination or skill to maintain it yourself? Blogs are the perfect media for reaching out to your customers and establishing your authority in your field. As an added bonus, a regularly maintained blog can also boost your page rankings. We can do all the research, writing and editing for you, with posts tailored to your industry or product. Whether you need a post a month or several a week, we can create the perfect blogging package for you and your company. Click here to learn more about our ghostblogging services for small businesses and nonprofits, or contact us to find out more.


Need a press release, newsletter, brochure, flyer, or other marketing material that will attract customers to your event, website or brick-and-mortar location? Yep, we can do that for you, too. As part of our mission to help small businesses and nonprofits build their brand presence online, we also have extended that assistance towards building that same brand offline as well. Click here for more information about our marketing communications services, or contact us for a customized quote and we can get started on your project today.

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