Google Plus for Businesses: A Promising Platform

On the ever-changing landscape of social media, it’s a good idea for small businesses to take stock of which of the relatively newer platforms offer good growth opportunities for their online presence. Google Plus, Google’s social layer, is such a platform. The advantages of Google Plus for businesses are clear, given that it’s extremely well […]

Long Content Marketing: More Important Than Ever

Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, from brief status updates to lengthy blog posts. Each type of content marketing has its place, to be sure, but for some years now, people have debated as to which type, longer or shorter content, is most effective for building and engaging an audience. More and more, […]

Microcontent as Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

 Top-quality content is essential in building an audience for your business and encouraging people’s enthusiasm and loyalty. Remember, though, that content isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Content comes in all shapes and sizes. While long-form content, such as in-depth blog posts and white papers, is crucial in demonstrating your expertise in your field, microcontent can be […]

Facebook: Hashtag or no hashtag?

A few weeks ago, EdgeRank Checker published a blog post trumpeting the absolute uselessness of hashtags on Facebook. In fact, the site found the exact opposite, i.e., that Facebook posts with hashtags actually did worse than those without in terms of virality. In fact, no matter how many ways that the site sliced and diced […]

ODesk ebook Offers Advice for Entrepreneurs Focused on Growth

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big oDesk fan, and why not? I grew my online marketing and consulting partly by leveraging the oDesk marketplace, getting gigs writing blogs and managing clients’ social media. Now, I’m on the other side of that marketplace as a hiring manager/employer, and I love oDesk even […]

Why Social Media Folks Should Welcome Jeff Bezos’ Purchase of the Washington Post

When I was in college, I read a number of newsmagazines and newspapers a week: The Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, TIME, Far Eastern Economic Review (clearly, I’m dating myself), the New York Times, and yes, the Washington Post. At the time, I wanted desperately to be a journalist — print or broadcast, it didn’t matter. […]

Facebook Enters the Television Age With Video Ads in Timeline

Can’t get enough of TV commercials? Hate watching TV but love Facebook? Then does Facebook have an upcoming feature just for you! As reported by Bloomberg yesterday, the social networking giant will soon introduce TV-style video ads on a user’s timeline, much the same way that sponsored posts and pages are now showing up there […]

How to Fail Spectacularly and Ruin Your Reputation on Social Media

Oh, this story practically writes itself. If my laptop were a prop straight out of Fringe, it would just take off and craft this post itself, it’s so painfully real and cringe-worthy. Dallasites will be very familiar with the details: the world-renowned Nasher Sculpture Center, which has been a popular fixture and tourist draw for […]

Social Media Isn’t a Young Man’s Game Anymore

For some reason, a lot of people still think that social media is still all about teenagers posting “selfies” and organizing parties with their friends online. This, despite the fact that baby boomers and seniors increasingly make up a large chunk of online users. In fact, according to a recent Google study, “97% of boomers […]

Why You Need to Be Careful Using Multiple Domains On Your Website

Something we come across more and more frequently here at Blue Volcano Media is the website with the many, many domains pointing to it. We recently had one prospective SEO client who has several different domains that redirect to his site, and he had asked us if we thought it was a good idea. Well, […]

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