What Gmail’s New Inbox Means for Email Marketing Campaigns

Like many small businesses, we rely on Google Apps to power our corporate email. It’s inexpensive, maintenance-free, and user-friendly. Since many of our employees and contractors already use Gmail in their personal lives, it’s very easy for them to get up and running once they’re on board and ready to send their first @bluevolcanomedia.com. To […]

Best of the Social Web: Week of July 7, 2013

Some light reading for your weekend! I collect some of the best blog posts of the week related to entrepreneurship, running a small business, and digital marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Russia Reportedly Goes Retro to Keep Kremlin Secrets While this isn’t really a “social” article, it is an article about how communications […]

How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Small Business

Unless you have no interest whatsoever in marketing your business online, you’ve probably heard of content marketing. You may even be wondering what it is. Simply put, content marketing is a form of promoting your business using various types of, well, content. While content can technically refer to everything from videos, podcasts, and photos, content […]

How to Create a Privacy Policy for your Website

If you do any kind of business online, you need a privacy policy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sell anything but are primarily using your website to promote yourself as a thought leader in your field or to solicit speaking engagements. If you collect any information from your visitors — even if it’s just […]

5 Essentials of Grabby Email Newsletters

In writing your business’ email newsletters, seek to provide compelling, engaging content while keeping your verbiage concise. Your subscribers have opted into your newsletter because they’re interested in what you have to offer. That’s a tremendous plus. To keep your subscribers, though, you’ll need to hone the art of writing grabby email newsletters. That way, […]

Designing Grabby Mobile Emails

More and more people are using smartphones and mobile devices to connect to the web while on the go. While mobile, they spend a significant amount of time reading email. As the number of people active on the mobile web grows, so does the importance of integrating mobile email into your overall email marketing efforts. […]

Optimizing Your Business’ Mobile Marketing Strategy

2011 has been quite a year for mobile technologies. There’s even buzz calling 2011 the Year of Mobile. More and more people are using smartphones, and possibilities and platforms for mobile marketing are opening up all over the place. Along with these opportunities come questions as to how you, as a small business, can tap […]

Email and Social Media: A Mutual Feedback Loop

With the growing popularity of social media, one hears, every so often, that email is dead. Don’t believe it, though. Email is more widely used than ever, not only by individual people but also by businesses for marketing purposes and by social networking sites for notification purposes. Far from the scenario of social media killing […]

Content Marketing Across Your Online Channels

For content marketing across your online channels, it’s imperative to have an overall strategy. First, you need to craft the online voice of your business, and that voice should be consistent and distinct. You should also consider your goals with regard to online marketing. What do you want people to take away from your content? […]

Email Marketing: When Spam Filters Cause Problems With Opt-In Subscribers

Nobody likes spam, and nobody wants it in their inbox. But what about when spam filters cause problems with opt-in subscribers? If you’re running an email marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to understand how spam filters work and how your business’ emails can wind up in your subscribers’ junk folders instead of their inboxes. […]

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