Join Us at Our Upcoming Webinar on LinkedIn, October 11, 2013

LinkedIn is suddenly sexy again. Who knew he had it in him? (And yes, I just referred to LinkedIn using the masculine pronoun, but for some reason I think of LinkedIn as being male. No idea why.) Although most of our client work on social media is done on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even YouTube, […]

How to Get a Job in Social Media: The Book!

I’m very excited to announce the publication of my first book, How to Get a Job in Social Media, now available as an ebook for $1.99 on Amazon. I wrote the book for two reasons: I love writing. I’ve been writing since literally I was 7 or 8 years old (a few years ago, my […]

Join Our Social Media 101 for Local Businesses Webinar on September 13

If you own and/or run a small business and have wanted to dive headfirst into social media but don’t know where to start, this is the webinar for you. Or maybe you already have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Plurk, and maybe even a MySpace page floating around somewhere, but the last […]

Best of the Social Web: Week of June 30, 2013

Some light reading for your weekend! I’ll be collecting some of the best blog posts of the week related to entrepreneurship, running a small business, and digital marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 3 Reasons Women Should Pitch Their Startups More Often Great, short article on why pitching your business doesn’t have to be […]

How to Get More Likes For Your Content

You’ve been so diligent. You promote your latest blog post on Facebook. You share it with all of your friends. You even add those snazzy “social share” links on each post to nudge-nudge-hint-hint your readers to promote it to their own networks. And yet you still can’t get anyone to “like” your content. What gives? […]

Networking and Social Media for Small Business

I love networking. That’s right, I’ll admit it — going to Chamber events at 7:30 in the morning, gladhanding with fellow business colleagues, and even listening to pitches and presentations by other business owners to the group, all of these actually appeal to the social side of me. I’m quite the introvert, but as a […]

Internet Marketing: Let’s Explore the Basics

Are you new to internet marketing? Let’s explore the basics. First and foremost, internet marketing requires commitment. You can’t expect to make an immediate splash. Internet marketing, however you go about it, takes time and effort. Define your goals for your online marketing campaign and make it a priority to work steadily towards them. More […]

Social Media and Gender: How Women and Men Use Online Channels

Since the early days of the internet, it’s been apparent that women and men tend to behave as differently from one another offline as they do online. The question of social media and gender has grown even more interesting in the age of Web 2.0. According to Huffington Post, a recent study shows that women […]

LinkedIn Groups as a Resource for Networking

Interested in participating in online professional networking that doesn’t require a huge time investment? You might want to check out LinkedIn Groups as a resource for networking. LinkedIn, widely used by businesspeople and professionals, is a great place to make connections in your industry and to keep abreast of new developments in your field. Don’t […]

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

LinkedIn has become a major force in social media for professional networking purposes. A vital starting point to making connections on LinkedIn is your profile. Many people, however, don’t put a lot of effort into their LinkedIn profiles. It’s as though they think they can slap up minimal information and the profile will take care […]

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