Gmail Now Lets You Send and Receive Money

Google has been quietly rolling out its Google Wallet for Gmail for a few weeks now, and it finally hit my Inbox this morning: It’s still largely available only to a few users as the search giant rolls it out over the next few months, but anyone who already has it can invite another who […]

Expensify: The Perfect Financial App for Busy Entrepreneurs

I haven’t done a software or app review in awhile, and it’s a shame because I rely on so many amazing ones to help me run my business without spending too much time, well, running my business. One of my all-time favorite apps — and one I use on a daily basis and which has […]

Best of the Social Web: Week of June 30, 2013

Some light reading for your weekend! I’ll be collecting some of the best blog posts of the week related to entrepreneurship, running a small business, and digital marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 3 Reasons Women Should Pitch Their Startups More Often Great, short article on why pitching your business doesn’t have to be […]

5 Social Media Tools for Small Business

Yes, even agencies like ours that specialize in social media marketing for small businesses would have a heck of a time managing all our different accounts if we didn’t have a plethora of tools to help us become more efficient and productive. Agencies, however, aren’t the only ones that have access to many of these […]

How to Get More Online Reviews For Your Local Business

A client of ours recently called to let us know that they’d just lost a potential customer. Apparently the woman had made a reservation at their facility but had backed out at the last minute after reading some of our client’s reviews online. Our client, a local business, was in a panic. Although we’d just […]

Your Mobile Marketing Campaign: What Not to Do

If you run a small business, it’s probably become more and more obvious to you that one of the fastest-growing demographics is the mobile market. More and more people are connected on the go through smartphones and tablet computers, so a significant number of your customers and prospects are on the move. To be able […]

Designing Grabby Mobile Emails

More and more people are using smartphones and mobile devices to connect to the web while on the go. While mobile, they spend a significant amount of time reading email. As the number of people active on the mobile web grows, so does the importance of integrating mobile email into your overall email marketing efforts. […]

Optimizing Your Business’ Mobile Marketing Strategy

2011 has been quite a year for mobile technologies. There’s even buzz calling 2011 the Year of Mobile. More and more people are using smartphones, and possibilities and platforms for mobile marketing are opening up all over the place. Along with these opportunities come questions as to how you, as a small business, can tap […]

The Future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a relatively recent field, and it’s still in the early stages of development. With continuing technological advances, the future of search engine optimization (SEO) looks more and more as though, at least for some applications, actual search engine result pages (SERPs) won’t be as relevant. What’s driving these trends? Social networking sites, sites […]

Social Media on the Go: Mobile Engagement

No doubt about it, social media on the go is picking up steam. The factors that make up mobile engagement are many: widespread use of devices like smartphones, the capability to share information and experiences across multiple social networking channels, and location-based apps that open doors to all kinds of possibilities for businesses and mobile […]

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