How to Find Free Images for Blogs

If you’ve been business blogging for just a few days, you know that images make a big difference, not only in your traffic but also in your overall bounce rate (i.e., the percentage of folks who leave your website after viewing just one page). People linger on images longer and absorb information better. It’s not […]

Face and Object Recognition Software: New Online Trends?

Cyberspace changes every day, but sometimes we hear about a shift that’s particularly interesting. This shift could possibly revolutionize not only how people use their computers for entertainment but also how they access their machines in the first place, and it could cause seismic fluctuations in how digitally-based advertising is done and also how organizations […]

5 Open Source Solutions for Entrepreneurs Part II

As discussed in Part I of this series, you simply can’t beat open source for your business’ computing needs. Since open source is free, it will save you money right from the beginning, and using an open source operating system like Linux will give you not only fast and efficient computing capability, but your computer […]

5 Open Source Solutions for Entrepreneurs Part I

If you’re a new business owner and you’re looking to bootstrap your startup, you might want to look into open source for your computing needs. Open source refers to operating systems and software for which the source code is publicly available for free. Open source is developed by a wide community of people, not for […]

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