Best of the Social Web: Week of July 7, 2013

Some light reading for your weekend! I collect some of the best blog posts of the week related to entrepreneurship, running a small business, and digital marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Russia Reportedly Goes Retro to Keep Kremlin Secrets While this isn’t really a “social” article, it is an article about how communications […]

Facebook Introduces Hashtags to Timeline and Search

You knew it was coming, right? Years after Twitter officially embraced hashtags as a searchable feature and introduced to the world the value of hashtags to both users and marketers, Facebook is finally getting on the bandwagon. (Sorry, I can’t help it — I really like Facebook, but Twitter is still my first love!) Just […]

How to Create a Privacy Policy for your Website

If you do any kind of business online, you need a privacy policy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sell anything but are primarily using your website to promote yourself as a thought leader in your field or to solicit speaking engagements. If you collect any information from your visitors — even if it’s just […]

How Safe is Your Website?

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know what happened to it in May: we were hacked. We had to take down the entire website, and because of a family emergency, internal personnel changes, and a very busy client schedule, it stayed down for weeks. Weeks. Fortunately, we don’t sell anything on our […]

Twitter Champions Free Speech in Its First Transparency Report Release

Twitter’s executives proves once again that their users’ rights and needs trump all else, including the latter’s right to free speech, by releasing their first-ever Transparency Report just two days before Independence Day. Sure, Facebook gets all the media love nowadays, what with its much-anticipated IPO and explosive growth, but it hasn’t exactly been known […]

Face and Object Recognition Software: New Online Trends?

Cyberspace changes every day, but sometimes we hear about a shift that’s particularly interesting. This shift could possibly revolutionize not only how people use their computers for entertainment but also how they access their machines in the first place, and it could cause seismic fluctuations in how digitally-based advertising is done and also how organizations […]

On Privacy and Data Mining in Social Media

Social media can be thought of as an enormous and expanding pool brimming with some of our most personal data, much of which will be seen and consumed by not just our intended readers but also those who plan to capitalize on it. We’ve seen how advertisers attempt to turn our mouse clicks and movements […]

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