Customers vs. Brands: Who Wins?

I completely missed this story since it happened in the middle of the big Christmas rush, but I wanted to comment on it anyway because it illustrates so painfully and so perfectly just how much has changed in the world of consumer advertising and branding, and how companies still have so much to learn about […]

Beware the Promises of So-Called Reputation Management Firms

By now many of you may have already heard the news coming out of New York. In essence, the state attorney general’s office yesterday announced that 19 so-called “reputation management” and SEO companies operating in that state agreed to “cease their practice of writing fake online reviews for businesses and to pay more than $350,000 […]

What Sharknado Can Teach Brands About Social Media

Admit it. You couldn’t help but check out all the fuss about the Syfy “thriller” Sharknado. Heck, even my ears perked up when my husband was flipping channels on Thursday night and casually said something about a cheesy movie premiering on Syfy called Sharknado. (I actually thought he said SharkNATO, which of course then conjured […]

How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Small Business

Unless you have no interest whatsoever in marketing your business online, you’ve probably heard of content marketing. You may even be wondering what it is. Simply put, content marketing is a form of promoting your business using various types of, well, content. While content can technically refer to everything from videos, podcasts, and photos, content […]

How to Get More Online Reviews For Your Local Business

A client of ours recently called to let us know that they’d just lost a potential customer. Apparently the woman had made a reservation at their facility but had backed out at the last minute after reading some of our client’s reviews online. Our client, a local business, was in a panic. Although we’d just […]

Why Your Small Business Should Be on Yelp

If you run a local business, chances are you’ve encountered Yelp. In fact, you may even hate Yelp. I get it. Yelp has become a powerful tool for disgruntled customers to vent their anger over poor service, shoddy products, or even just crappy locations, and then showcase that anger for all the world to see. […]

How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

It happens to the best of us, and the bigger the company or organization, the more likely and more frequently negative comments will show up on its social media feeds. Celebrities and other public figures find out very quickly that “haters” and criticism are part and parcel of fame and visibility, and companies are no […]

Networking and Social Media for Small Business

I love networking. That’s right, I’ll admit it — going to Chamber events at 7:30 in the morning, gladhanding with fellow business colleagues, and even listening to pitches and presentations by other business owners to the group, all of these actually appeal to the social side of me. I’m quite the introvert, but as a […]

Build a Community, Not an Audience

At Blue Volcano Media, we use the word “audience” a lot, as in, We have to build this audience! Listen to your audience! Who is your audience? Lately, though, I’ve been thinking that we’re using that word all wrong. In fact, I think the word is the wrong word to use when referring to the […]

How to Thoughtfully and Gracefully Handle Customer Complaints

Though you do your best in conducting the day-to-day operations of your business, sometimes, you’re going to make mistakes. When you do, it’s vital that you take responsibility for those mistakes and do everything in your power to resolve the problems. A strong online presence gives you great opportunities to thoughtfully and gracefully handle customer […]

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