Facebook Enters the Television Age With Video Ads in Timeline

Can’t get enough of TV commercials? Hate watching TV but love Facebook? Then does Facebook have an upcoming feature just for you! As reported by Bloomberg yesterday, the social networking giant will soon introduce TV-style video ads on a user’s timeline, much the same way that sponsored posts and pages are now showing up there […]

Social Media Isn’t a Young Man’s Game Anymore

For some reason, a lot of people still think that social media is still all about teenagers posting “selfies” and organizing parties with their friends online. This, despite the fact that baby boomers and seniors increasingly make up a large chunk of online users. In fact, according to a recent Google study, “97% of boomers […]

How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Small Business

Unless you have no interest whatsoever in marketing your business online, you’ve probably heard of content marketing. You may even be wondering what it is. Simply put, content marketing is a form of promoting your business using various types of, well, content. While content can technically refer to everything from videos, podcasts, and photos, content […]

5 Blogging Tips for Businesses to Find Great Content

If you manage a business blog, congratulations! You’re taking advantage of one of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools available for any business website to rank well and generate traffic. We often get asked by clients and friends what they should write about on their blog. They freeze at the keyboard and wonder why […]

YouTube: Number One Channel for Teen Social Media

Does your business offer products and services that are geared toward teenagers, and young adults? If so, it would behoove you to know that YouTube is the number one channel for teen social media. A poll by Harris Interactive has shown that for people who are 13-24 years old, YouTube has pulled ahead of Facebook […]

Video Marketing: What Makes it Engaging?

Video marketing can be leveraged as a highly effective tool in your online marketing toolbox. Many companies are finding that video marketing provides a great means of growing their business’ online outreach, thus gaining exposure for their businesses as well as new sales leads. When it’s done well, video marketing can lend customers and prospects […]

Online Behavior: Going Viral

Many considerations go into a social media marketing campaign: strategy, quality content, consistency, to name just a few. There is one factor, however, that you need to keep uppermost in mind at all times while engaging on social media: how online behavior, whether good or bad, can go viral. Good behavior – helpfulness, kindness and […]

The Importance of Multimedia to Social Media

Never underestimate the importance of multimedia to social media. Sure, text is and will remain a vital component of blogs and communication on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The multimedia aspect, however, makes engagement potential skyrocket. Audiovisual aspects of social media interactions are often the very components that go viral and are […]

Personalization in Retail – A Natural Outgrowth of Social Media Trends

We already know how much the personalization opportunities afforded by Web 2.0 technology have changed the online landscape. People can not only connect with one another in real time, across vast distances, but increasingly, they can also personalize their online experiences in many ways, from how they interact on social networking sites to how they […]

Live Events as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

As vital as online relationships can be, they reach greater depths when nurtured offline. When you combine face-to-face (F2F) events with social networking tools, you can bring together the best of both worlds – online and offline – to help grow your business, enhance your connections and have a great time, to boot. Conferences and […]

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