Join Us at Our Upcoming Webinar on LinkedIn, October 11, 2013

LinkedIn is suddenly sexy again. Who knew he had it in him? (And yes, I just referred to LinkedIn using the masculine pronoun, but for some reason I think of LinkedIn as being male. No idea why.) Although most of our client work on social media is done on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even YouTube, […]

Join Our Social Media 101 for Local Businesses Webinar on September 13

If you own and/or run a small business and have wanted to dive headfirst into social media but don’t know where to start, this is the webinar for you. Or maybe you already have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Plurk, and maybe even a MySpace page floating around somewhere, but the last […]

How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Small Business

Unless you have no interest whatsoever in marketing your business online, you’ve probably heard of content marketing. You may even be wondering what it is. Simply put, content marketing is a form of promoting your business using various types of, well, content. While content can technically refer to everything from videos, podcasts, and photos, content […]

Webinar Marketing as Part of Your Online Strategy

A webinar is a online seminar that’s presented to a web-based audience. During a webinar, presenter and participants engage with one another from the comfort of their offices or homes. Webinars can be powerful tools to grow your business in the digital age. Since webinars are a win-win proposition both for your business and for […]

Maximizing LinkedIn for Your Business

Building a network is perhaps one of the best uses of social media for marketing purposes . Folks are gradually seeing the benefits of incorporating social media into their overall marketing plan. Marketers are now understanding the rationale behind what some folks call¬†social network marketing. Most of you might immediately turn to and focus most […]

Content Strategy for Webinars

If you’re looking to diversify the content you make available online, you have to consider different types which your target audience might find most useful. Text content is the first choice for many simply because this is the easiest to create and publish. But there are benefits to be found in dabbling in a different […]

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