YouTube: Number One Channel for Teen Social Media

Does your business offer products and services that are geared toward teenagers, and young adults? If so, it would behoove you to know that YouTube is the number one channel for teen social media. A poll by Harris Interactive has shown that for people who are 13-24 years old, YouTube has pulled ahead of Facebook […]

5 Ways to Use Video Marketing For Your Business

Video marketing is becoming more and more widespread among businesses, and for good reason. Since people tend to respond strongly to visuals, videos are a great way to engage customers and prospects. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube or similar video-sharing sites, then embedded on your business’ website or blog. The best ways to use […]

Want to Go Viral? Try the Personal Touch.

“Going viral” means that online content spreads throughout the internet like wildfire, and the channels of distribution aren’t provided by marketing moguls or public relations specialists but by people all over the world. One person shares content – say, a video or a blog post – with ten family members and friends, then those people […]

Social Media for Self-Employed Artists

Some self-employed people are creative artists, whether authors, musicians, visual artists or photographers. The internet gives creative people a platform like never before to build a worldwide audience for their work. A challenge is posed, however, by the countless other forms of entertainment that are out there, competing for people’s attention. To help build audiences, […]

Time Management for Entrepreneurs Part II: How Many Social Media Tools?

When you operate a small business, you have limited time and resources. You want to launch a social media campaign to give your business an online boost, but you’re not sure how to go about it. If you’re new to social media tools, it can seem overwhelming. There’s blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, podcasting and YouTube, […]

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