Who We Serve

We love small businesses and nonprofits. That’s not to say that we won’t do business with a large company, but we’ve found such a tremendous opportunity in serving the woefully underserved small business and nonprofit industries. We’ve worked with:

  • medical offices
  • writers
  • independent consultants
  • service businesses
  • retail businesses
  • e-commerce sites

…and so many more. Our clients love our reasonable rates and speedy response times, and although we can’t guarantee that you’ll get an email within minutes after you hit the Send button, we can promise you that you won’t wait more than 48 hours for a response to your request or work order. We recognize that it’s a 24/7 world out there and are more than prepared for it.

If you’ve been searching for a boutique web marketing and content development firm and have been disappointed by larger firms more interested in serving their Fortune 500 clients than your small account, contact us and see if our services fit your needs and budget. You might just be surprised. With us, every client is a Blue Volcano Media 500 member in great standing.

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